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Hello  and welcome to my site. 

My name is Svein Nielsen and I'm an artist living  in British Columbia, Canada. The majority of my work is in Acrylic.  My abstract and surreal approach is many times whimsical and makes one wonder;" where I'm going with that thought"?

I am mostly self taught and have been producing art in one way or another for as long as I can remember .  I also have a keen interest in photography .    

 I was born in Norway and immigrated to Canada at an early age.   I still speak Norwegian as my parents spoke nothing but.  After leaving the corporate world of sales and marketing, I have finally returned to what I love...  producing art.

I have always expressed myself through drawing, scratch board and painting. However,  this is my first attempt at selling and promoting my work.  I am currently a member at "Gallery 1710"  i.e.South Delta Artist Guild.  I am also a member of  The Canadian Federation of Artists in Vancouver. 

Some shows I've been in this year:

March Madness Show Feb. 25-Mar.27 (5 pieces were in)

Skies wings and feathered friends Apr 1 May 1( 5 pieces one sold)

Colour your dreams May 6 to may 29 (5 pieces were in)

Oil and Water (A juried nation-wide selection, however, Iwas not selected)

Summer Show Case July 1 to 25 ( 3 pieces are in)

2022 shows coming up:

Summer Blowout sale July 29 to Aug 14

Private Show.  TBA

Farm to Table Sept 2 to 25

Falling into Art Sept 30 to Oct 23

Photographic foundations Oct 28 to Nov 30

Deck the Walls Show Nov 25 dec 18



# In July 2022 I was  selected to enter two pieces in the upcoming show through the Federation of Canadian Artist  on Granville Island Vancouver (see below) called "Pride and Centre" This show was juried and open to everyone.  (Theme Park and Outward" were selected to show. (The show runs July 8 to 30, 2022)

# On October 3 2022, I was selected to display 7 -10x10" pieces for the "2022 Ten Squared Exhibition" running Nov.10 to Nov 30 2022 at the Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver.


# In October 2022, I was asked to submit several (18).  6x6" pop surrealism pieces to the Levity Micro Gallery in Nelson. BC,  for enclosure in their show running Nov to Jan. 2023.  The show is called "Micro Minis". The  gallery will display low brow or  pop surrealism, which developed from the 1970s in LA  Calif. The cultural roots are inspired by underground comics, punk music, tiki culture and hot rod cultures of the street. Lowbrow and pop surrealism are interchangeable.  I'll post them after the show starts in Nelson.  Please contact Levity for any purchases during that time of the showing.  E-mail:    attn: Sharah


I would like to keep adding to this intro; regarding my trials and tribulations,  so please check back every once in while to see how I'm doing . You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram where I post frequently.


Pride & Center Square.jpg

Gallery 1710 on 56th St in Tsawwassen, BC


And remember to: always buy art from a living artist, the dead ones don't need the money.

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